Welcome To La Jolla Diamonds and Gems

When it’s time to select that special diamond engagement ring, Tucson jewelers, La Jolla Diamonds and Gems should be your first stop. Unlike the large chain jewelers, La Jolla Diamonds and Gems offers a unique selection of diamond engagement rings from exclusive designers not found elsewhere in Tucson or southern Arizona.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To La Jolla Diamonds and Gems

  1. Best jewelry store in tucson…. owners are nice, and know what they’re talking about! Most of all wants best for the customer!

  2. I’d like to send a great big “THANK YOU” to La Jolla Diamonds and Gems! It’s so great to have found the one and only jeweler that I will go back to time and time again.

    I first experienced the unparalleled quality of La Jolla when I received my engagement ring. The collaboration of my husband (and his vision for the ring), with the jewelers at La Jolla, and their expertise, was a necessary combination to create my ring. I felt as though the jewelers knew me before I ever stepped foot in the store.

    The listening skills of a jeweler is a highly important quality. The jewelers at La Jolla have spent hours and hours with me and/or my husband on several occasions in order to fully understand what we are looking for.

    The most important and necessary quality that I love at La Jolla is the CREATIVITY that bursts through the doors. I know that I will receive the same amount of enthusiasm and excitement from the jewelers that each and every client experiences there!

    I now purchase all of my jewelry at La Jolla. And although the beautiful radiance of diamonds are plentiful in the store, there are plenty of other jewels and gems to consider. I purchased a gorgeous watch for my husband, a toddler’s bracelet for my daughter, and I’m always browsing the Storywheels, as I purchased my mother a Storywheel necklace at La Jolla Diamonds & Gems.

    Again, thank you La Jolla! Thank you for your unique ideas, your traditional ones (that may be few and far between for me:), your honesty, and most of all, the smiles that you put on our faces with each and every visit.


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